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Custom raised garden beds from primarily recycled wood


Jersey Garden Boxes builds custom raised garden beds from primarily recycled wood. We can build to order at a specific size or have some boxes in stock at various sizes to grab and go. We deliver and install the boxes at your location in Monmouth County, New Jersey. We can deliver outside Monmouth County for an additional fee. We can also load dirt and even arrive and plant for additional fees.  Our boxes are built with quality materials and top quality fasteners, hinges and fittings to provide many years of trouble free growing.


We offer upgraded boxes for an additional fee including sub-irrigation beds with pond liners to enable lower watering requirements and underground watering. We also offer hinged hoop houses that attach to the beds and can increase your Jersey growing season by 1.5 - 3 zones.  This means you can successfully grow fall vegetables into December or longer depending on the weather.

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Everything We Offer


We offer custom raised beds of any length up to 10 feet long and any width. Many of our customers go with 7-8 foot beds that are 40 inches wide and 2 feet high which make for easy gardening and a nice area

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Optional Features


Folding hoop

For an additional fee we can offer folding hoop houses on your raised bed. These hoop houses when covered with greenhouse plastic can increase the length of your late and early growing season by up to 3 zones. This means some plants like Lettuce and Broccoli can grow right into Nov / Dec under a the hoop. The hoops can also be draped with netting during the summer to keep out insects and birds from eating your plants.

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We also offer sub-irrigation as an upgrade to our raised beds. This upgrade includes a heavy duty pond liner, two drains to keep a consistent water level should you over fill or get a heavy rain and sub-irrigation pipes at the bottom of the raised bed that hold water and air. Sub-irrigation allows for under bed watering from a single corner tube which wicks up through the soil to keep your plants happy and properly quenched. It reduces the need to water your plants every day and makes for easier and more consistent growing. Also great for those that take vacations or travel and know they might miss a few days of watering here and there.

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